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Created with a Purpose

We are created with a purpose, and Christ calls each of us to both follow Him faithfully and commit to renewing our families, parishes, and communities in hope. In this lifelong journey we discover the great joy of fully living the Gospel by committing to a life of prayer, service, and generosity. In following Christ, we discover our purpose to live fully alive in faith.

As a local Church, the people of God have a significant impact on their own communities and on society as a whole. Our parishes, schools and ministries serve hundreds of thousands of people in Southern California – both Catholic and those of other faiths. In joining together as a Church, we live our mission to bear witness to hope and transformation.

A Call for Renewal

With a growing need and costs for ministry increasing year over year, our parishes and ministries are being challenged to do more with less. From urgent needs of updating facilities, to a desire for transformative programs, many struggle to respond to the challenges before them. This is especially true of those parishes with the most limited of resources, often the only source of hope for the greater communities they serve.

After much research, prayer, and careful discernment, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will embark on a historic effort to respond through Called to Renew, a campaign to secure $500 million in transformative gifts that will give our local church both the much-needed flexibility to respond to critical social needs and an investment for future generations. Without some measure of financial endowment, the Archdiocese is only able to react instead of planning and designing programs that proactively aid our parishes and Catholic ministries.