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Auditorium is last of large building projects by Fr. Donald Strange (pastor), who also built the church and school (Bonita classrooms).

Berkeley classrooms are completed by Fr. William Barry but unattached to the auditorium. Religious education office is housed in a separate “temporary” unit.

William J. Barry Education Center is dedicated in the year after he retires. Fr. Tom Welbers is pastor. Project included two new classrooms, computer lab, meeting rooms, Faith Formation offices, connecting hallways, enclosed entryway and the Reflection Room.

In the “lead up” to the major capital campaign, the auditorium is refreshed with new patio doors, new carpet and flooring, new stage curtain and carpet, new lighting fixtures and paint. A moveable partition is completed later. Roof and A/C cannot be addressed due to inadequate electrical grid.

The first task before the major renovation begins is the electrical upgrade.