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Our Parish Auditorium Renovation Project JOIN US Our Parish Auditorium Renovation Project JOIN US Our Parish Auditorium Renovation Project JOIN US

A Message from Father Charles Ramirez

It is with sincere joy and heartfelt gratitude that I announce the launch of Called to Renew at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. This capital campaign will provide much-needed funding for parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, including ours, as well as strengthen important ministries and programs that affect us all.
Each parish has been given a goal for the campaign. Our goal is $2,700,000 of which 67 percent will remain at our parish. We will also retain 100 percent of the funds we collect over our goal. If our campaign is successful, we will receive a minimum of $1,795,000 to address our own needs, specifically, the renovation of our parish auditorium.
OLA has a rich history. Called to Renew will ensure we can continue to be a vital presence in our community. Details about how we plan to use our share of campaign funds may be found on the following page.
Please take a moment to prayerfully discern how you can most generously support this campaign. I also encourage you to consider making a five-year pledge, which will allow us the best opportunity to reach our goal. This is a wonderful parish, and I am amazed at how our community has always worked together to meet needs that arise.
I know you will do whatever you can to make this campaign a success. We entrust our Called to Renew campaign to the intercessions of Our Lady of the Assumption. Thank you in advance for your faithful support.
Yours in Christ,

Father Charles Ramirez

Our plans for improvements to the Auditorium
include the following:

    • Relocate the Kitchen
      Relocate the Kitchen to the previous faith formation offices were. This will allow us to expand the kitchen layout for improved efficiency and to install commercial appliances.
    • Coffee Bar
      We will create a coffee bar with 
      access to the patio so that it can be used on Sundays for Coffee & Donuts, even when the auditorium is not available.
    • Solar Panels
      We will install solar panels to reduce our energy costs.
  • Interior Renovations
    Inside the Auditorium itself we 
    will install new flooring, lighting, windows, doors and a fresh coat of paint. We will also install a new audio/visual system.
  • Meeting and Storage Space
    We will enclose the space 
    between the Auditorium and the Parish Center to create additional meeting space, as well as add more storage space.